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Pet's & Vet's Presentation

Launching of the first international congress on pet food, pet care and veterinary products packaging: Pet's & Vet's Packaging Forum (PPF & VPF).
Indeed, with a world wide turn over of about 60 billions € for pet food and care and 15 billions for animal health, the industry of Vet's & Pet's Packaging is in constant growth.

These congresses will be held simultaneously with the ADF (Aerosol & Dispensing Forum) et PCD (Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics & Design) exhibition - congresses, which take place every year in Paris and gather more than 5.570 brand packaging experts from some 70 countries.
The Pet Food, care products, as well as medicine and veterinary products represent a growing fast activity for our 300 current exhibitors. Packaging innovation for animals are often an experiment set for packaging design for human, the revolutionary pouch is the best example.
In consultation with brands, laboratories and packaging suppliers' representatives, we are organizing a new course of lectures « Vet's Packaging Forum » et « Pet's Packaging Forum ».
These conferences will bring opportunities for boosting technological transfers between, veterinarians, veterinarians' pharmacists, Packaging directors, Innovation, R&D buyer managers from this different fields. The call for paper is in progress for these fields:
From primary to secondary packaging for food products (wet and dry), snacks, treats, hygiene for pet;
Veterinary products and drugs packaging: vaccines, injectable, powders, tablets, liquids, nasal and pulmonary drug delivery system, foam, gels and creams, etc.


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